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Ghostkid is

the design name of Oded Shein, I am an Israeli born, London based designer with over 15 years experience across multiple industries including social media, B2B, entertainment and music. With an intense passion for motion graphics, animation and illustration, I have worked on projects ranging from social media ads, explainer videos, TV ads, music videos, game trailers and title sequences.

I am a curious creative always keen to learn and explore across multiple disciplines. Over the years I have done music photography, AR lenses across Instagram, Snapchat & TikTok, and have started learning Unity and creative coding.

Select client list:
︎︎︎ Spotify
︎︎︎ Just Eat
︎︎︎ ASOS
︎︎︎ TikTok
︎︎︎ Facebook
︎︎︎ Johnson & Johnson
︎︎︎ Universal Music
︎︎︎ Warner Music
︎︎︎ Virgin Records
︎︎︎ Apple Corps
︎︎︎ Zoopla
︎︎︎ Trustpilot
︎︎︎ Rovio
︎︎︎ Tinder
︎︎︎ EMI
︎︎︎ Mind Candy

︎︎︎ ITV

︎︎︎ BBC

︎︎︎ Cambridge University

︎︎︎ Ernst & Young